Data model

  • step identity

  • processing schema

    1. append widget based on type \*

    2. Markdown

  • inheritance - inherit Vars and other things

  • matrices - allow for generation of combined parallel procedures

  • relations to other (specification) documents

  • equipment - allow for specification of special equipment like Wi-fi cards, or a specific machine or a set of machines (environment). Can be related to objects

  • objects - allow for

    • distinct specification of object in group of testing objects (server, client1, client2...)

    • parallelization when the same procedure needs to be repeated over every object (machines, pages of a document, data sets...)

    Notice the difference: while equipmemt serves as a means of providing framework or environment where tests can be held, objects are separately defined units that tests are actually held against. In practice, set of objects can be actually a subset of equipment.


  • data persistence (HTML5)

  • error reporting

    • show

    • provide report URI