Name: Fridge Ops Tools-required: fridge; elephant; giraffe Description: Typical scenarios inviolving fridge ops

This is most basic example od STM file, a basic source file for SugarTrail (SugarTrail Template Master).

Putting giraffe into fridge

  1. Open the fridge
  2. Put the giraffe into the fridge
  3. Close the fridge

Putting elephant into fridge

  1. Open the fridge
  2. Take the giraffe put of the fridge
  3. Put the elephant into the fridge
  4. Close the fridge

Emptying fridge

  1. Open the fridge
  2. What is inside the fridge?
    • elephant: take out the elephant
    • giraffe: take out the giraffe
  3. Closer the fridge !. Fridge is empty

Taking elephant out of the fridge

  1. There is an elephant inside the fridge
  2. Open the fridge > fridge opens well
  3. Look inside the fridge > you see elephant > elephant has a pullover > elephant is not cold
  4. Take the elephant out of the fridge > elephant does not fight > elephant looks happier outside the fridge > it does not make too much sound
  5. everybody is sleeping
  6. Close the fridge > Fridge closes well