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Builds on arch now 4 years ago
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Merge pull request #109 from hph86/fix-creds 4 years ago
  Hanno Heinrichs d00fabc002 Ensure EUID and EGID are equal when running in SUID mode 4 years ago
  Hanno Heinrichs 9c2a852c94 Enable the SUID and SGID bits for the light binary 4 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 6ef60c9619
Merge pull request #104 from Debian/master 4 years ago
  Samuel Henrique 2d37b41bd7 Update debian/folder with the version in Debian 4 years ago
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  Marco Wang 56492a98f3 helper: remove whitespace between while and left parenthesis 4 years ago
  Marco Wang c668d26862 helper: remove whitespace between if and left parenthesis 4 years ago
  Marco Wang 520d221ccd light: remove whitespace between if and left parenthesis 4 years ago
  Marco Wang 71f7755cb1 main: remove whitespace between if and left parenthesis 4 years ago
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Merge pull request #88 from LW2904/patch-1 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 215dbcdeec Follow-up to f14f4ee0, use correct struct member 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 11b84d6821 Merge branch 'TheJakeSchmidt-add-multiply-command' 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 44771f6919 Minor coding style fixups 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 1a959445de Merge branch 'add-multiply-command' of https://github.com/TheJakeSchmidt/light into TheJakeSchmidt-add-multiply-command 5 years ago
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Update src/light.c 5 years ago
  lw fea271c3e5
Fix config path information 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 311b09e489 Merge branch 'alexmohr-master' 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 93ab69e832 light.1: Fix save/restore brightness option flip 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson d686769b6c README: Fix save/restore brightness option flip 5 years ago
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  Stani 4ece95c2b8
Fix github light release link 5 years ago
  Fredrik Svantesson 4215ec1153
Merge pull request #83 from sim590/debian-udev-lib-path 5 years ago
  Simon Désaulniers 119c54a978 debian: install udev rules under /lib 5 years ago
  Fredrik Svantesson 0687989adc
Merge pull request #82 from maximbaz/archlinux-official 5 years ago
  Maxim Baz 8d656615fb
Update installation instructions for Arch Linux 5 years ago
  Alex 5a04d6268e Fixed wrong help display 5 years ago
  Jake Schmidt a8e924421f Add a command -T that multiplies the brightness by the value. 5 years ago
  Fredrik Svantesson d75c5d4c9c check result of split in find_device_target 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson f53a0e308f Update ChangeLog and bump version for v1.2 release 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 4e43abeb6f Add Debian/Ubuntu build/install help 5 years ago
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  Joachim Nilsson 1285c7412d Fix #66: Actually update man page with new and changed settings 5 years ago
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  Joachim Nilsson 1466eaa3d5 Fix #68: Update Debian/Ubuntu packaging 5 years ago
  Joachim Nilsson 22ab2f7167 Fix spelling, found by lintian 5 years ago