916 Commits (master)

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  Alois Mahdal eba776e0be Work around Vim completion taking long in Python projects 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal fca98ac853 Add few more collected Vim tweaks 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal b1ad0f7e7f Use 'bashum' directory name for bash extensions 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal b9cdce1fa6 Disable relative numbering 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 1563b4ed26 Allow eaeier wrapping toggle via ',w' 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal df60882528 Use F3 to toggle wrapping instead of less useful 'relativenumber' 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal cf453b1b4e Prefer ISO log formatting in git 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 2ae5b9671e Add bmo-wish query for xkcd 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 3967244319 Update 'sc' alias for the new 'se' implementation 8 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 47eeec5509 Set wombat colorscheme for lightline 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 3f46508686 Use safer sign for removed line 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 2631c131f6 Remove several unused git plugins 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal eb6e83f4b9 Only allow fast-forward pulls by default 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 35fdb7d97f Disable spell checking in git GUI 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 3bd4d3701a Skip CI when slurping with git 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 189b28d006 Update xfce4-terminal config 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 07f2f16751 Don't force pure html mode for DDG 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 4358ae4e26 Add links to favorite mynoise.net noise machines 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 77f03bba2b Prefer Dejavu Sans Mono for menus (Inconsolata is broken) 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal f9f965610e Also allow vlc as browser 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal f1333678da Add time notifier bmo nag 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 02b4f4ce69 Drop broken pause commands for Clementine 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal c50360609f Tweak contrast for zenburn colorscheme 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 4afaf70cd3 Clean up style for Xlib setup script 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 4923f431e8 Prefer cmark for mdvimb 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 9d2affbfa0 Use more standard xdg-open for open() 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal e6e3615b15 Fix /usr/bin/cal version detection 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 0ac602f1e2 Add urle() for urlencode encoding/decoding 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal be0cf4240d Remove unused variable declaration 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 0d854d68d5 Do notify about sleeping 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal c877c56c9f Use BASHUM_COLOR_* globals for color codes 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal e6894b6421 Pass delay from nn() to bb() 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 0430d68a16 Add smv() and smvr() for "moving" files/trees via scp 10 months ago
  Alois Mahdal 0304def909 Fix vim swap dir 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal 2bd66e9070 Update default branch for scratch and jats builds 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal a39e457953 Add Telegram WUI bookmark 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal 18559273b9 Add MZK.cz bookmark 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal effcf101b5 Add Hello Internet bookmark 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal ad2796a019 Add gitlab.com bookmark 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal 3967961c33 Remove obsolete www_hist menu 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal 17eb025700 Add support for context symbol in bashum ($BASHUM_CTXSYM) 1 year ago
  Alois Mahdal 435b1e0077 Let xfce4-terminal update its defaults 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal 18b1b6c249 Don't let "activated" windows steal focus 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal a52431045a Don't erase urgency hint instantly 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal 3afcfd3e46 Allow back-and-forth behavior when switching workspaces 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal 61711c1274 Remove super-obsolete "dropbox start" autocommand 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal 223d51f09a Have glances at hand 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal bbd18b4366 Have an "analog" clock at hand 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal 67d8eec882 Enable few UX improvements from "How to Do 90%..." talk 2 years ago
  Alois Mahdal e78cbff9d6 Start trying out relative line numbering 2 years ago